Renaissance Rome

Photos of renaissance and medeval Rome. This is the Rome of the popes and fuedal lords. Piazzas (town squares), churches, fountains and sculpture. The occasion obelisk (always with a cross on top, like a dog pee on a fire hydrant). Castel Saint'Angelo, originally Emporor Hadrian's tomb was turned into a medival fortress. Then, since Rome was getting sacked so often, it was refurbished so that, in the event of a siege, the pope could be protected there in the "manner to which he had become accustomed (and also they stored grain). Photos not allowed in the papal apartments, but trust me, it was over the top. St. Peter's Basillica, built in the 1500s on a scale we are unacustomed to today (and there are marble inlays on the floor measuring out how much smaller other catherdals are)