County Cork

Images from Driving through County Cork;

Drombeg Stone Circle: AKA The Druid's Altar, is probably Ireland's most famous stone circle. The stone circle consists of seventeen closely spaced stones spanning 9.3 metres in diameter, of which 13 survive. The most westerly stone is the long recumbent and has two egg shaped cup-marks, one with a ring around it. A "Cork-Kerry type" stone circle, it is flanked by a pair of axial portal stones, which provide a south-west axis, and orient the monument in the direction of the setting sun during the midwinter solstice

Kilcoe Castle, is a renovated 15th century castle, (the last to fall to Cromwell) now the residence of Jeremey irons Story here

Balleydehob 12 Arch railroad bridge: Built in 1886 for a narrow gauge railway serving the southwest coast.